Driving up the long driveway towards Bulstrode manor's front entrance is like being projected directly into a film set.


Near the end of the drive, you catch the first glimpse of the house from behind the trees as though it had just emerged out of another time.


Dating back to before the Norman conquest, Bulstrode's long history is littered with fascinating tales of its previous owners. This house is a symbol of Victorian wealth and power. Walking round the house, through the many courtyards, gardens and archways, one can sense the formality and pride of 19th Century England.


But Bulstrode is now the main centre for WEC International, and the transformation of what was such a declaration of status into the home of a society which is committed to sacrifice is to the glory of God.


The house is bursting with diversity as it plays host to workers from all over the world, including many missionaries in transit. A programme of further development is now under way, to provide more family accommodation, and then allow part of the main house to be used as a conference centre.


WEC Italia

60020 Agugliano (AN)





Tel: 071 21 19 200

Cell: 348 06 54 589



La nostra

motivazione è:

una passione per Gesù ed un cuore per i perduti!